October 8, 2020

How to Create a Team Charter Involving Principles and Practices with Lean/Kanban w/ John Bannister

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Date(s) - 10/08/2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/Agile-Denver2/events/pbjwtrybcnblb/


On Thursday, October 8, for our Public Meetup, John Bannister will be presenting on “How to Create a Team Charter Involving Principles and Practices with Lean/Kanban”. It will require some group participation. We will utilizing Trello as the tool for this exercise. A Zoom link will be visible on this invite prior to the event to those who have RSVP.

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice develops over time, by committed members engaging in many “informal conversations” about a shared domain of interest, creating a set of cases and stories that become a shared repertoire for their practice, whether they realize it or not. To learn a bit more about the concept of a “Community of Practice” check out this link. https://bit.ly/2YTyyZh

What is the Agile Denver Kanban CoP?

The Agile Denver Kanban CoP is a long-running meetup that started in June of 2011. We are a “Community of Practice, whose core members are practitioners that have regularly engaged with each other now over a number of years. Our meetups generally consist of us sharing our personal experiences and stories, and in the process learning from each other more about how to apply lean thinking, lean management (leadership), and an agile mindset, along with pull, flow, kanban, and system thinking concepts. Our specific focus is on how to catalyze and manage change, to improve business workflow processes, and to predictably forecast and answer the question “When will it be done?” We are associated with the broader Agile Denver (meetup) group, which has several other “special interest groups” (SIGs) associated with it, of which we are one. And we are also connected with the U.S. and global Lean Kanban community.

Hi All,

This is a general message to share with you some about the Agile Denver Kanban CoP dates, times, format, and general structure we follow for our meetups.

Meetup Dates/Times: the Agile Denver Kanban CoP continues with their long time tradition of meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month. However, we do not meet on the month when Agile Denver’s Mile High Agile Conference occurs (usually April, but has been in May too) since many of us volunteer to help with the MHA Conference, and we seek to limit our personal WIP during that time. And we also take off the month of December, again since most of us are just way to busy that time of the year and we practice what we preach by again limiting our WIP 🙂

Format/Structure: the format of our meetups generally follows leading off the 1st hour with Deep-dive on a topic selected and facilitated by one of our long time core members. After a short break, the 2nd hour follows a Lean Coffee format (Google “Lean Coffee” for more info). However, we will also at times vary this format and start with the Lean Coffee, or use the full two hours for an extended Deep-dive or “Game Night” or allow a core member to practice a presentation they are preparing for their place of work, etc.

Public (Open-Mic) / Core Member Meetups:
This year in 2020 we will be utilizing two types of meetups events:
1) Public (Open-Mic) Meetup events and 2) Core Member Meetup events.

Public (Open-Mic) Meetups will be held quarterly on the months of:
1) Jan, 2) Apr, 3) Jul, and 4) Oct

Core Member-Only Meetups will be held on the months of:
1) Feb, 2) Mar, 3) Jun, 4) Aug, 5) Sep, 6) Nov. These meetups are limited in size to allow a format for more highly multi-way interactions and discussions between all attendees.

Please come back and check out this site often for updates, posted comments and questions, and announcements as our Agile Denver Kanban CoP meetup dates get closer each month. And check out our past meetups​ to see what’s been happening with topics and comments.

Take care,


IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Virtual Meetup will be recorded and added to the Agile Denver YouTube channel each month. If you do not wish to be recorded, please turn off your camera.

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